My famous psychic friend, Jeane Dixon, speaks beyond the grave

Jeane Dixon was probably my first social “influencer,” as we today understand the term. As a youngster, I rushed to read her Astrology column every day in the morning paper. Those days she dominated Parade Magazine every weekend as well, where she often supplemented astrological readings with grander predictions. She rose to fame in one such column in 1956 when she foresaw John F. Kennedy’s election and later assassination in 1963. She identified him as tall and young, although she got wrong the color of his hair and eyes.

Alan Gibson spellbound by Jeane Dixon

Little did I know that we would meet. We both lived in Washington, DC, and I remember being starstruck the first time we met at a party in the early 1980’s. By then, she’d made a number of wrong predictions, and many people started to consider her a bit kooky. In the photo above you can see she gave me some serious eye contact, and I’m convinced she divined that I was a true fan.

A December 2020 article in mentions her prediction that the world would come to an end in 2020. After reading what she said, I believe she, and we, came close.