My Favorite Basic Resources for Writers

As a panelist at the Manuscript to Marketplace Writers Conference at Shepherd University, I mentioned a few apps I like to use in my writing. There are dozens of others, but these are my personal preferences.



I like to use Scrivener as my writing software. I find Microsoft Word too bulky, and since I tend to write my books in scenes, Scrivener gives me an easy way to move scenes and chapters around. 

My typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard connects to all my devices via Bluetooth. It’s not cheap, but I feel like books almost write themselves when I type on my Qwertywriter. It gives me the look, sound, and touch of an old typewriter with the complete array of function keys I demand from modern digital keyboards. If you order one at this link, I’ll get a teeny bit. 

For Editing

I generally edit my manuscripts with AutoCrit, a web-based application that checks your texts for repetition, redundancies, overused words and phrases, clichés, pacing and much more. I also use ProWritingAid, the text editing software that people find intruding into your text when you fill out forms online. 

For Graphic Design

Like many of us, I’ve used the Adobe Suite of applications like Photoshop and InDesign since the early days. While I still use them, there are other apps available which make life super easy for authors. For creating banners, ads, and posts on social media, I use Canva. It couldn’t be easier to create just the sizes you need for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and a slew of other needs. With Canva, it’s also very easy to create postcards and flyers. There is a free version.

BookBrush is another app similar to Canva, but it offers the benefit of embedding video. I use them both. Look for it here.