Creativity Genes from both sides of my family

My grandmothers introduced books, art, piano, and refinement, and my inventor grandfather showed me how to turn curiosity into things. (I made a robot with him when I was nine.) My banker grandfather personified dignity, and my mother demonstrated to me the power of words every day. Integrity and kindness I learned from my father.

After a life-long career of composing television and radio commercials in sixty and thirty second formats, I wrote my first full-length horror/thriller novels in 2018 under the pen name A. B. Gibson.

I subsequently signed with LMBPN Publishing and now publish under the name, Alan B. Gibson.

I blame my folks for my love of travel and exploration. I probably should have been born a couple centuries ago when there were still parts of the world to discover and explore. I’ve been lost in the Sahara and naked in the Amazon but feel right at home at the Ritz in Paris.

I am also the co-founder and chairman of, a video-chat social engagement platform that serves older adults.

When not traveling, I live in the small town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where I share my house with a real, live prince.