Summer Cyclone

Summer Cyclone

October 1, 2023

Author’s Notes I can’t describe the mixed emotions that came from finishing the Magic at Myers Beach fantasy series. I’ve lived with Theos, and Alias, and Lily, and Greta, and Julie, and…

Summer Lightning Book Front Cover in Color

Summer Lightning

July 11, 2023

AUTHORS NOTES From characters, to locations, to plot points, and playing footsie much of what I’ve written in Summer Lightning is very personal, beginning with the main character, Alias. A…

Summer Storm Book Front Cover in Color

Summer Storm

July 11, 2023

AUTHORS NOTES I frequently get asked where I come up with the characters and plots in my books. The answer depends on whether I believe they want a quick answer…

Summer Thunder Book Front Cover in Color

Summer Thunder

June 23, 2023

AUTHORS NOTES I confess. I wrote Summer Thunder on a bet, and the stakes were high. My reputation was on the line. It was cold and damp that March evening…

A Coffee Mug in White Color With an Author Quote

Authors’ revenge. The Joke’s on you!

May 28, 2023

If you are an author of fiction, somewhere along the line someone will give you a mug or a t-shirt plastered with a warning that goes something like this one:…

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