The Piano Proficiency Exam Review Book by Scott Beard & Lucy Mauro


Written with busy music majors in mind, The Piano Proficiency Exam Review Book provides an easy-to-understand guide to the Piano Proficiency Exam. In eight review sections, authors and Peabody Institute alumni Lucy Mauro and Scott Beard provide an invaluable cache of tips, exercises, and practice exams. The sections address all aspects of piano performance for the non-piano music major: seating, arm, and hand positions; scales and arpeggios; cadences; vocal warmups; harmonization/transposition; score reading; and solo literature. While studying the book, students can expect to ask themselves, “Am I at the proper distance from the piano?” and, “Are my wrists level with the white keys?” among other gentle reminders that encourage mindfulness and positivity at the piano bench. Whether adapted for a school’s exam requirements, private lessons, music therapy sessions, or general music classes, lessons and exercises in The Piano Proficiency Exam Review Book will make time spent at the piano an enjoyable experience.

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