Summer Lightning – Magic at Myers Beach Book 3




Is it too late to save the kingdom, which now has only two months’ supply of fairy dust remaining?

Theos’ brother Alias is a stunningly handsome surfer often mistaken for a heterosexual beach ne’er do well. He is also a brilliant scientist with quirky, mysterious powers…and a boyfriend with a complicated personal life.

When the search for additional elements bears fruit, Alias’ attempt to replicate fairy dust goes haywire.

The side effects complicate his effort to stabilize the ailing fairies, as does his relationship with the Third King.

Alias confronts his past with the Third King and struggles with the guilt that his actions may have been the reason behind Györfi’s revenge.

As he works to untangle the past and divert Györfi from taking his anger out on his love, Alias discovers that both individuals are the keys to solving their kingdom-wide catastrophe.

Can Alias get his experiment under control and smooth the path of true love in the process? Or will the ghosts from his past prove too much to handle?

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