Summer Storm – Magic at Myers Beach Book 2




Theos found his Queen, but the clock is still ticking on his suffering kingdom.

Casualties of the contaminated fairy dust are increasing with every day that passes.

Reversing the damage depends on the success of their quest to find the additional rare elements needed to make a new supply.

Lily’s best friend Greta is a Witch who longs to be swept up in her own fairytale romance.

When Dos comes into Greta’s shop and recognizes the pendant Theos gave her, it looks like her wish has been granted.

While he is not the royalty she daydreamed about, his kindness, generosity, and the mystical quality in his voice wins her heart.

Greta admits to wanting fame and fortune and finds herself getting everything she ever dreamed of. But skyrocketing popularity and sales comes with a downside. Zsa Zsa.

Will the evil rival witch’s look-a-like features complicate Greta’s budding romance with Dos? Or will Greta find a way to access her own special ability in time to defeat Zsa Zsa?


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